Once again, thanks to the constant work of our R+D department, we are always investigating and innovating to offer you the best of the market. 

For this reason, we are presenting a new product to the market, the unique and revolutionary TRANSVERSAL J.COSTA CLUTCH, with its patent.

The most characteristic thing its operation. It has a revolutionary system, where thanks to the centrifugal force, the weights work as a transversal way, pressing the springs and these to the disks. The operation is so similar to the J.Costa variator.

The design and production, is done by aluminum CNC machining with a hard anodized treatment to get more durability, as also, lubrification and refrigeration.

Performances and feelings that you will get:

  • Aggressive and faster snatch.
  • More reaction and sensibility in the throttle.
  • Increase the brake engine.
  • More retention when you close the throttle.
  • Less extreme use of the brakes.

Available models:

  • Yamaha T-MAX 530cc
  • Yamaha T-MAX 500cc
  • Kymco AK 550cc


J.Costa Official