Always, we are always thinking, obviously, on their PERFORMANCES, they are:

  • Smoother performance.
  • Weight reduction (inertial control).
  • Higher refrigeration allowing less temperature due to the new variator design with sink.
  • Higher quality for all components of speed control, higher durability and less maintenance.
  • Faster operation.
  • Higher reaction on the throttle gas Press-Depress of the rollers.

But, why we have not stopped to think about what makes us really  FEELS? What the J.Costa variator transmit to us?

  • Running without stress, giving a little gas, the motorbike gets more top speed without having the feeling of going “deep”.
  • Thanks to a higher reaction of throttle gas and quickest answer engine, we can get more agility and security, as well as, faster and safer overtaking.
  • Sense of freedom, of speed,  that you can reach the end of the world.
  • In addition to its function of gear change and thanks to its patented system, the J.Costa variator, allows to control the motorbike at all times. The bank test curve is fully lineal, range from start to top speed,  variator offer performances at all times.      

Never forget that the J.Costa variator it is UNIQUE in the world and it has an extreme QUALITY:

  • Body made of hardened aluminum CNC machining with ceramic treatment.
  • Stainless steel bell.
  • Bronze inner bearing, self- lubricated with graphite inlay (no grease needed).
  • Slider by titanium nitride and graphite and antifriction treatment.
  • Plastic weights injected in high-resistance material, Kevlar and carbon fiber reinforced to high durability and optimum sliding.
  • In case of XRP, include a belt, it is manufacturing with high Kevlar quality and a washer with CNC machining with ceramic treatment.
J.Costa Official