T-MAX 530 (PRO)


Variador para Yamaha T-MAX 530 PRO.



We are always innovating and investigating to offer you the best of the market.


We presented our new products directly from our R+D department, we apply Press-Depress revolutionay technique of rollers and heat sink.


  • Improve in:
    • Smoother performance.
    • Better aerodynamics.
    • Weight reduction (inertial control).
    • Higher refrigeration allowing less temperature due to the new variator design with sink.
    • Higher quality for all components of speed control, higher durability and less maintenance.


  • We get:
    • Faster operation.
    • Higher reaction on the throttle Press-Depress of the rollers.
    • Reduction of the fuel consumption.


The new PRO speed control series, differs from above by taking a heatsinks within the speed control in a circle provided with projections, between rollers area and bushing area. Of the rollers cavities are holed for the Press-Depress effect make them to act more quickly and smoothly both at the entrance  to a higher gear as the output of a lower gear showing no jumps, ie make the air as fluid dynamic to help the rollers to emerge or be collected faster without increasing fuel consumption.

J.Costa Official