JCosta Rollers: How they work and how to choose yours

Do you have a J.Costa speed variator and want to know how to tune it to your liking, or do you need some spare rollers to maintain your speed variator? Don't worry, in this article we will explain everything you need to know about J.Costa rollers.

What is the J.Costa roller?

The rollers of the J.Costa variators are the equivalent of a roller in a conventional automatic motorcycle variator, as they are responsible for adjusting the gear ratio depending on the position in which they are located.

Unlike a conventional roller, the J.Costa rollers do not move along guides and ramps, but emerge or descend from cavities located in the body of the variator, providing a much more precise and direct behavior on our throttle.

Their characteristic blue cylinder shape makes them easy to differentiate from any other component assigned to the transmission.


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Materials and dimensions of rollers J.Costa

Commonly known as J.Costa rollers, they are made of a plastic compound combined with Kevlar and carbon fiber for high durability under extreme use. The latest generation and development of J.Costa rollers receive a blue pigmentation that identifies them as the improved formula of this important component in our CVT transmission.

J.Costa offers you 5 different dimensions of rollers depending on their length: 20mm, 25mm, 31mm, 34mm & 38mm. To know which is your dimension you only have to measure the height of one of your rollers.

In terms of diameter, all the rollers have the same diameter, 16mm, except for the 20mm long rollers which are intended for the smallest variators and therefore have a corresponding size.

Which weight should I choose for my variator?

For your J.Costa variator you have different weights available depending on your needs and driving style. To find out which is the best option for you, here is a breakdown of the options available to you:

1. Optimum rollers set by J.Costa

From J.Costa we have established the ideal weights for each type of variator and bike. These weights are the perfect balance between acceleration and top speed in tests carried out on our test bench with no load and tested on open roads.

To know the recommended weight you only have to search in our website your model or the reference of your variator to know its spare parts.

2. More acceleration

Depending on the geographical area or physical characteristics of the driver, or simply driving style, you may need more acceleration than that established by our expert. To do so, you must install a lower weight than the one you currently have installed.

To find out the weight of your rollers, you can either weigh them or look for your variator replacement to find out our recommended weight.


From J.Costa, we recommend not to decrease more than 1 gram the weight of the rollers in order not to change drastically the behavior of the variator. In this way, we will be able to increase the range of revolutions and acceleration.

We must keep in mind that top speed will be compromised when gaining more acceleration, as it will change our gear development.

3. More top speed

If you are a user who does a lot of highway or freeway sections with no major gradients and you need a little more top speed, by adjusting the weight of your rollers you can get that extra increase in top speed.

From J.Costa, we recommend not to increase the weight of the rollers by more than 1 gram in order not to drastically change the behavior of the variator.

We must take into account that the acceleration of our motorcycle will be compromised when increasing top speed, since our gear development will change.


When to change the rollers of my J.Costa variator?

As the manufacturer, we recommend replacing your J.Costa rollers approximately every 2 oil changes. Depending on the displacement of your bike and riding style wear may vary, so it is important to perform a visual inspection to check its condition every oil change.

The rollers are the consumable element that ensures that the variator works correctly, so we must make sure that they are in good condition.

To know if your rollers have reached the end of their useful life, we only need to observe the wear indicator at the end of the weights as shown in the image.

Remember that you have all this information and much more on how to maintain your variator in the assembly instructions or in our blog on  J.Costa Variator Maintenance


We hope you have learned a lot about how to configure the J.Costa variator according to the weight of your rollers. Are you ready to apply it? Start customizing your scooter now at the best price!

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