1. In order to process the warranty, it is essential to send the complete transverse variator kit to J.Costa.
                    2. The warranty is limited to the replacement of defective parts due to manufacturing defect, after verification and recognition by J.Costa. 
                    3. The warranty excludes:

                    • Rollers, bushing and bolts are consumable parts.

                    • Incorrectly installed products.

                    • Modified or altered products. Products used incorrectly, improperly or abusively, in competition or racing.

                    • Products installed in vehicles without maintenance recommended by the manufacturer or not compatible. 

                    4. J. COSTA reserves the right to make changes to its products without prior notice.
                    5.  The buyer shall bear the transportation costs of the products subject to claim, which are not accepted by the technical department of J. COSTA, for breach of any of the conditions.
                    6.  The parts recognized as defective become property of J. COSTA.
                    7. J. COSTA declines all responsibility for direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or special damages that may derive from or be in any way related to the products marketed by J. COSTA.